Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center

Pharmacy Practice Residencies


General Medicine
  • Julie Ma, Pharm.D., BCPS Julie joined the ZSFG clinical pharmacy department in 2014. She graduated from UCSF in 2008 and completed a PGY-1 pharmacy practice residency at Kaiser Permanente Oakland Medical Center in 2009, and continued to work as an inpatient clinical pharmacist there after finishing residency. In 2011, she joined Oregon Health and Science University as a surgery/medicine clinical pharmacist. She is interested in transitions of care, particularly discharge planning and patient education. In her spare time, Julie enjoys movies, crafting, hiking, and good food
  • Kathy Quach, Pharm.D., BCPS Kathy graduated from UCSF in 2008, completed a PGY1 residency at UC Davis Medical Center and worked at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center before joining the ZSFG pharmacy team in 2012. Kathy is one of our Internal Medicine Pharmacists and has also worked with Long Term Care, Acute Care for the Elderly (ACE), and Family Medicine services. Kathy enjoys concerts, running, hiking, trying new restaurants and traveling.
Family Practice
  • Tamara Lenhoff, Pharm.D., BCPS Tami has been a Family Medicine Pharmacist at ZSFG since 2013. She graduated from UCSF in 2011 and stayed on for PGY1 at UCSF Medical Center. Tami thoroughly enjoys teaching and has worked with ZSFG and Touro residents, as well as UCSF students. In addition to rounding on her family medicine patients, Tami is also a Transitions of Care pharmacist, in which she plays a role in discharge planning and medication teaching to heart failure patients. Tami serves as a preceptor for Word on the Wards, an elective at UCSF School of Pharmacy, in which medical, pharmacy, PT, and nursing students visit ZSFG and provide health coaching to patients on diabetes and hypertension. As the residency coordinator, Tami assists the RPD, prepares preceptor development, and ensures that the PGY1 residents have a successful, happy, and healthy residency year at ZSFG. In her spare time, Tami enjoys baking and feeding the pharmacy staff, hiking, and traveling.
Emergency Medicine and Advanced Emergency Medicine
  • Joyce Go, Pharm.D. Joyce graduated from the University of Pacific in 2006 and completed a Toxicology specialty residency at the California Poison Control System at San Francisco through UCSF. She joined the ZSFG pharmacy team in 2007 to start the Emergency Medicine Clinical Pharmacy program. Her professional interests include: toxicology, resuscitation, pediatric emergency medicine, and neurology. In her spare time, Joyce enjoys being outdoors, spending time with friends and family, going to the zoo, and exploring various SF parks with her young son.
  • Curtis Geier, Pharm.D., BCCCP Curt graduated from the University of Washington in 2010 and completed a PGY1 acute care residency at Franciscan Health System followed by a PGY2 critical care residency at UC San Diego before joining ZSFG as an Emergency Medicine Clinical Pharmacist. Curt enjoys precepting pharmacy residents and also serves as a preceptor for the UCSF Department of Emergency Medicine residency program. Curt's professional interests include toxicology, neurologic and cardiac emergencies and professional education. Outside of the ED, Curt enjoys running, snowboarding, and attempting to surf.
  • Stephanie Komura, Pharm.D. Although her family is originally from Hawaii, she grew up on the east coast and graduated from the Jefferson College of Pharmacy in Philadelphia in 2014. She completed a Pharmacy Practice PGY-1 at ZSFG and an Emergency Medicine PGY-2 at Rutgers University/Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital. She has returned to ZSFG as an Emergency Medicine clinical pharmacist. Stephanie's professional interests include toxicology, critical care, trauma, and ambulatory care. Outside of pharmacy, Stephanie loves the outdoors and anything involving sports. She is excited for the surf, snowboarding, and hiking/bouldering in the area.
Critical Care
  • Kristin Slown, Pharm.D, BCCCP, BCPS Kristin has been at ZSFG since 2008. She graduated from University of the Pacific in 2006 and went to complete a PGY1 at UCSF then a PGY2 in Critical Care at the University of Washington. Kristin's professional interests include toxicology, cardiology, ICU pain and sedation, neuromuscular blockage and Advance Cardiac Life Support (ACLS). Kristin has taken multiple residents and students from UCSF and has been a vital part of all pharmacy support for the ICU team. Kristin loves the outdoors and is extremely athletic. She is an avid snowboarder, tennis & softball player and bowler. In her own words: "ZSFG has been a great fit for me...I work with amazing colleagues who can bring a smile and laughter to the busiest of days."
  • Melissa Nguyen, Pharm.D., BCPS Melissa joined our ZSFG family in 2009 as our 2nd ICU pharmacist. She often also works as our ED pharmacist as well. Melissa graduated from Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana in 2007 and went on to pursue a PGY1 at William Beaumont Hospital in Detroit, Michigan and a PGY2 Critical Care at Detroit Receiving Hospital. Her professional interests also include emergency medicine, toxicology, anticoagulation/hemostasis and neurology. Her research interests include ICU pain/sedation/delirium, blood/hemostatic products, and sepsis/infectious diseases. In her spare time, she enjoys the outdoors, traveling, and cooking/eating. Melissa says, "ZSFG is a wonderful and fun place to work because all the dedicated people who work hard to make a difference."
Ambulatory Care
  • Michelle Geier, Pharm.D., BCPP Michelle joined BHS as a psychiatric clinical pharmacist in 2012. After graduating from the University of Washington School of Pharmacy, she completed a PGY-1 pharmacy practice residency at VA Puget Sound, and a psychiatric PGY-2 at UCSF/San Francisco Department of Public Health. She recently became the psychiatric clinical pharmacy supervisor for BHS, and serves as the residency program director for the ZSFG/UCSF PGY-2 in Psychiatric Pharmacy. In her new role, she will continue to work as a psychiatric clinical pharmacist at the South of Market Mental Health Clinic, which serves a largely homeless and dual-diagnosis population. Her professional interests include co-occuring mental health and substance use disorders, take-home naloxone, harm reduction, and medication management in homeless populations. One of her favorite parts of her job is working on projects that improve the public health of San Francisco by increasing patient safety and reducing barriers to care. Her hobbies include anything outdoors such as hiking, camping, biking, and snowboarding.
  • Shin-Yu Lee, Pharm.D., BCPS Shin-Yu joined ZSFG as a clinical ambulatory pharmacist in 2014, bringing with her an extensive background and passion caring for the safety net populations. The most rewarding moments for her are when she is able to empower patients to make decisions that are healthy for their entire wellbeing. She is also glad that she has pharmacy interns and residents who are able to experience the rich learning environment of her clinic at ZSFG. Research interests include outcomes based research in primary care for the underserved as well as cardiology. In her spare time, she enjoys exploring the city and finding great food!
Infectious Diseases
  • Camille Beauduy, Pharm.D., BCPS Camille has been the ID pharmacist at ZSFG since 2014. She is originally from Minnesota and graduated from the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy in 2011 before moving to San Francisco. She completed a Pharmacy Practice PGY1 and an Infectious Diseases PGY2 at UCSF, then practiced as the Clinical ID and Antimicrobial Stewardship Pharmacist at the VA Palo Alto before coming to ZSFG. In her spare time, she enjoys eating delicious food and running marathons.
  • David Woods, Pharm.D. Dave Woods is our Chief Director of Pharmacy for the City and County of San Francisco and is one of the responsible parties of finding funding for our residency program. Dave joined ZSFG after completing a PGY1 at Long Beach Memorial Medical Center. Dave received his Pharm.D. from UCSF and has held a variety of positions with the City & County of San Francisco. With over 20 years with our department, he has held a number of roles. He first started as our critical care pharmacist in the Trauma ICU at ZSFG. Dave is now responsible for managing pharmaceutical services for the Community Health Network (CHN) of the Department of Public Health (DPH), including San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center, Laguna Honda Hospital, Jail Health Services, Community Behavioral Health Services, and Community Oriented Primary Care services. He enjoys getting outside- hiking, biking, and backpacking whenever possible.
  • Mark Jones, Pharm.D. (main) Mark graduated from UCSF in 1991. In 1992, Mark joined ZSFG as their first MICU/CCU clinical pharmacist after completing a PGY1 residency at UCSF Medical Center. Mark has taken on several roles during his time here. He has spent 13 years in critical care with a 2-year stint as the Inpatient Pharmacy Supervisor. He has spent time as the department's med safety pharmacist as well as QA pharmacist. In 2008, Mark established the role of Clinical Supervisor. Since then he has greatly expanded the scope of clinical pharmacy services at ZSFG and now supervises 23 inpatient clinical pharmacists. In 2012 he assumed the new role of PGY1 Pharmacy Residency Director. He has been a UCSF School of Pharmacy adjunct clinical faculty member since 1993. Mark enjoys coffee and is bribable with quality dark chocolate.
  • Linda Truong, Pharm.D., BCPS Linda joined ZSFG in 2011 as the Medication Safety pharmacist, and has rounded with Family Medicine and Internal Medicine. She became the Formulary Manager in 2015. Linda graduated from the University of the Pacific in 2010 and completed a PGY1 residency at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center. In her spare time, she enjoys eating and running.
  • Justin Quintal, Pharm.D. Justin is our Clinical Informatics pharmacist. Justin graduated from the University of the Pacific in 2009 and completed a PGYI residency at UCSF. Since being a part of our ZSFG clinical family in 2010, Justin has been heavily involved with building our emergency pharmacy department and implementing computer provider order entry (CPOE). Justin is also interested in pain management and pharmacy administration. Justin loves working at ZSFG because "everyone has a common goal of providing optimal care for our patients and it's located in the BEST city!" In his spare time he enjoys riding his bike across the Golden Gate Bridge and cheering on the Golden State Warriors, SF 49ers, and SF Giants.
  • Caroline Tsai, Pharm.D., BCPP Caroline has been our psychiatric pharmacist since 2003. After graduating from USC in 2002, she went to UCSF to complete a psychiatric pharmacy residency. She is also interested in neurology, high risk obstetrics, psychotropics in pregnancy, antipsychotic treatment for acute agitation, long-acting IM antipsychotics for refractory schizophrenia, and clozapine side effect management. Over the years, she has trained many pharmacy residents and students from UCSF, some of whom are part of our clinical staff now. Caroline is a mother of 2 girls, enjoys making and eating good foods, loves her job here "because we have the most interesting patients in psychiatry."
  • Hai-Au Luu, Pharm.D., BCPP Hai-Au joined ZSFG as a psychiatric pharmacist in 2012. She completed a psychiatric pharmacy residency at Western University after graduating from UCSF in 2011. Her professional interests include management of metabolic side effects of atypical antipsychotic medications, injectable antipsychotics in acute agitation, and stigma/treatment of mental illness in the Asian-American population. She is excited to be here every day because every day is different and is fortunate to get to work with so many AMAZING and dedicated providers. Her hobbies include eating sweets, constant snacking, and extensive candy hoarding.
  • Julie Shih, Pharm.D., BCPPS After completing her degree at UCSF with an interest in international health and a PGY1 residency at Kaiser Permanente in Oakland, Julie became part of the ZSFG pharmacy family in 2010. She was hired as the first pediatric-focused clinical pharmacist at ZSFG, and has built a robust neonatal and pediatric pharmacy service focused on medication safety through standardization, provider and pharmacy education, and numerous quality improvement projects. When she isn't looking out for these oh-so-cute but highly vulnerable patients, Julie can be found rock climbing, doing water sports, searching for good ramen, baking sweets to fatten up her coworkers, or exploring new countries.
Acute Geriatrics
  • Leslie Ly, Pharm.D., BCPS Leslie graduated from UCSF in 2013 and completed a PGY1 residency at ZSFG. After residency, Leslie continued to work as a clinical pharmacist at ZSFG in a variety of areas, including long term care, critical care, emergency medicine, and investigational drugs. Currently, she works with internal medicine and also the acute geriatrics service. Leslie enjoys teaching and welcomes the opportunity to precept students and residents. Outside of pharmacy, Leslie hates exercise and loves theme parks (Disneyland!), and will never say no to an offer of chocolate.
  • Katherine Pang, Pharm.D., BCOP Kathy has been our oncology pharmacist since 2007. Kathy graduated from UCSF in 2005. She then went on to complete 2 pharmacy residencies: a PGY1 at Boston Medical Center, and a PGY2 at UCSF/Pathways Hospice in Pain Management, Hospice & Palliative Care and Hospital Administration. During her time here at ZSFG, she has worked extensively to update all of the inpatient chemo manuals and IV infusion guides. Kathy has trained pharmacy residents over the years. Kathy's philosophy is "An interdisciplinary team approach is essential to effective patient care."
Women's Health
  • Kristin Harter, Pharm.D. Kristin Harter joined the ZSFG clinical pharmacy department as our Women's Health Clinical Pharmacist in 2012. She graduated from UCSF School of Pharmacy in 2009 completed a PGY1 Residency at the University of Washington. She then worked as a Pediatric Clinical Pharmacist at Stanford's Lucille Packard Children's Hospital before joining ZSFG. Kristin enjoys the difficult labor and delivery cases seen on her service and the staff here at ZSFG. Outside of work, Kristin enjoys volleyball, the outdoors, and crab trapping off of the Pacifica pier.